Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cousins found from Robert WITHERINGTON/ Lovy OLDS line

It's been a year since finding Lovy's maiden name of OLDS. The other day, I was searching in for the state of North Carolina and found a post by Cliff Darden which mentions the Witherington/Olds names. I contacted Cliff and he referred me to Martha Marble who, in turn, referred me to Mike Edge, director of Greene County Researchers for contact information for Sybil Thomas of Snow Hill, Greene County, North Carolina. I phoned Sybil and talked with her daughter, Dorothy and then Sybil. Sybil is 94 with a very sharp mind. They both gave family history information and I figured that Sybil and I are fourth cousins. Her line is 1. Martha Witherington md. Amos H. Joyner (Martha was the daughter of Robert and Lovy) 2. Charles Exum Joyner md. Ava Elizabeth Pridgen 3. Amos Henry Joyner md. Addie Melissa Sugg, then 4. Sybil Joyner md. Lewis Thomas. My line: 1. Lavina Ann (Lovy) Witherington md. Thomas Wiley P. Wright (Lavina is daughter of Robert and Lovy and is sister to Martha) 2. John Franklin Wright md. Annie Etta Wells 3. Verna Fay Wright md. Barney B. McBride, then me, Barbara McBride md. Robert Larry Vaughn. Sybil suggested I purchase the "Greene County Heritage" book because she has put her family history in it. I ordered it right away. She is also sending me more information by mail so I am very excited to have found her and Dorothy. More to come.

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