Thursday, September 3, 2009

More information found 8.09

Since I had so much luck with a "google" search on T.W.P. Wright, I have since, put in one for Robert Weatherington and Lovy. It brought up part of a book titled "Nicholas Cobb Descendants". It showed a brief paragraph stating Lovy Weatherington so I ordered it on inter-library loan. Here is what it reads:

1. Joe H. Cobb, P.E.,R.L.S. 1983, Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983, M.L.W. Publishing Company, P.O.Box 41021, Nashville, TN 37204-1021, Loaned from Mid-Continent Public Library, Genealogy & Local History Branch, 317 W. Highway 24, Independence, MO 64050, 929.2 C6334 H.A.G.S.

page 383: "Sometime between Mourning Outlaw's death in 1846 and the time of the census in 1850, David Outlaw remarried. The new wife was listed on the 1850 census as Lovy Outlaw. She was the former Mrs. Lovy Ann Weatherington who was the widow of Robert Weatherington of Lenoir County, North Carolina (O-132). David Outlaw's widow, Lovy, lived to the year 1876. She was enumerated on the 1870 census in the elventh district of Haywood with the post office being Bellville. She was in the household of her son-in-law, H.H. Fife, and his wife, Mary. She was seventy-four years old in 1870."

"She wrote her will in 1860. Sim A. Cobb and Robert W. Vann witnessed it. The will was proven before magistrate W.T. Cobb on the 2nd December 1876. A portion of the will is repeated below as it was recorded in book V, page 475 at Brownsville, Tennessee: "Second, I wish my executor to sell the tract of land that I now live on to the highest bidder on the best terms that he may think best, and I give him full power to make a good deed for same, and after selling all my effects and collecting the money to settle the estate and pay all expenses, I wish the balance to be divided and paid to the following heirs. One sixth to be equally divided between Lovy Ann Brown, Jesse Dismall, Francis Dismall, Samuel Dismall and Nancy Dismall, children of my daughter, Julia____________. The balance to be divided and paid equally between the following heirs: my son Gideon Weatherington, my daughter Mary Fife, my daughter Martha Joyner, my daughter Lovy Wright, my grandchildren Charles L. Weatherington, Barthena Weatherington and James R. Weatherington, children of my son Robert W. Weatherington. Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint John H Cobb executor this 1st day of September 1860.".

So with this new information, I gathered the names of Lovy's children and some of her grandchildren. It appears that her daughter, Julia may have died and left children by two different fathers, Brown and Dismall.

Lovy (the mother of our Lavinia Ann (Lovy) is listed on the Haywood Co, TN census in 1870 in the household of Martha and W.G. Dalton and their children, W.W., D.A., and cook, Mary Dalton(black). Slaves took on their masters name back then and Mary probably stayed on with them after the Civil War which probably means they treated her well. This may not be Lovy's daughter, Martha, who is listed in her will as Martha Joyner. However, it could be that Martha's first husband died and she remarried to Mr. Dalton. J.R. and Charles are listed on the census with them in the same household also. This appears to be the sons of Robert W. (grandson of Lovy) The last name appears to be Welington on the census. Lovy's last name here is Outlaw as she was married to David E. Outlaw after Robert H. Weatherington died.

The Cobbs seem to be related by Lovy's second husband, David Outlaw only.